Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who Let the Dogs Out?

One of my favorite forbidden acts, as a child, was to let dad’s hunting dogs out of their pen while he was at work. They loved to chase the farm cats and I loved to watch them. Never mind that I had to answer to my dad when he got home. It was exciting stuff! Barking dogs and cats fleeing for their lives!

Now there seems to be a similar problem at IMB. The dogs have been let out and these dogs are not chasing cats, they’re chasing people. People who disagree with them about baptism, private prayer language, and apparently open communication with the people of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Here’s my question.

Who let these dogs out?

Who’s the big power broker behind the recent trustee action? Who gave the OK before the latch was lifted on the gate?

It would be naïve to believe that the trustees are acting entirely on their own. In a convention where you always know in advance who’s going to be the next anointed president and the nominating committee always picks trustees from an “approved” candidate list- somebody talked to somebody - and somebody, whoever they are, said they thought this was an idea whose time had come.

When my dad got home the dogs would slink back to their pen and I had to explain why I let them out. He never let me off the hook.

Dad’s home. The people of the SBC want to know.

Tell us.

Who let the dogs out?


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