Friday, January 19, 2007

Jimmy and Willie: Two Unlikely Saviors

I voted once for Jimmy Carter.

I told myself:
He's a Southern Baptist.
He's a Georgian.
He's a Sunday School Teacher.
He's a farmer.
He's a Quail Hunter.

How can a guy with that much going for him be so wrong?

Sadly, along with a nation, I found out.

He lost me and most of my fellow Southern Baptists somewhere between, "Turn your thermostats back to 68 degrees," and "Mormons are Christians."

I did not vote for Bill Clinton. Never ever.

I heard him use the "GD" word on live TV and that was way before Monica became a national household snicker. His Momma should have washed his mouth out in Hope with soap.

These two guys want to straighten out us Baptists?

Give me a Break. I'd rather go shoot a kudu with Paige Patterson.

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