Friday, January 19, 2007

Jimmy and Willie: Two Unlikely Saviors

I voted once for Jimmy Carter.

I told myself:
He's a Southern Baptist.
He's a Georgian.
He's a Sunday School Teacher.
He's a farmer.
He's a Quail Hunter.

How can a guy with that much going for him be so wrong?

Sadly, along with a nation, I found out.

He lost me and most of my fellow Southern Baptists somewhere between, "Turn your thermostats back to 68 degrees," and "Mormons are Christians."

I did not vote for Bill Clinton. Never ever.

I heard him use the "GD" word on live TV and that was way before Monica became a national household snicker. His Momma should have washed his mouth out in Hope with soap.

These two guys want to straighten out us Baptists?

Give me a Break. I'd rather go shoot a kudu with Paige Patterson.

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Blogger Jerry Grace said...

Dear Jim,

Occasionally we find something two old warhorses from across the aisles really agree on. That's Jimmy and Willie about which there's not a gnat's breath difference between two very strong opinions.

I don't know whether you noticed or not but a young calvinist from Southern and I have had some very respectful exchanges lately. He kept signing in as anonymous and I goaded him that with his thoughtful comments and differing views, he certainly had noting but my respect. I called him a wienie for that and he followed up admitting that he was indeed a wienie and gave his name and address. I told him he reminded me of Jim Shaver from Missouri, a decent guy.

As to getting attention, that's not my goal and I haven't talked to one person more or written one word differently. The problems we have in our convention take on the characteristics and labels of differing groups. At the end of the day, the problems are people problems acting selfishly regardless of whether they are young versus old, Calvinist versus non Calvinist, liberal versus conservative. Sometimes I know I have reacted to some hard headed Calvinists in a way that appears as though I was using a broad brush with just as hard a head. I still believe the issue is we disagree, now what.

Anyway you may have noticed that I have a new grandson who is far more interesting than any of these Baptist battles.

Good to hear from you

Jerry Grace

1/31/2007 3:22 PM  
Blogger Mike Rasberry said...

Jim, I really enjoyed this. I miss your insightful comments. I trust you and yours are doing well in His service.

Now, we must look at "Huck." I find myself cringing when some of these politicians identify themselves as Southern Baptists, yet deep down, I wish I could stand in their shoes for a moment and proclaim that I am Christian Southern Baptist to the entire world.

Don't want the job, just the opportunity to preach once to the world. Not asking much, huh?

Mike Rasberry

6/09/2007 8:09 AM  

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