Monday, September 24, 2007

Bureaucracy Breeds Stupidity

Earlier this week when O.J. Simpson was incarcerated he was given two pairs of reading glasses, and two books by the detention center’s religious services minister. One of those books was the Bible and the other was the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren.

Now O.J. is fortunate because had he been ushered into a Federal Prison – the Purpose Driven Life would have been considered contraband.

That’s right – the Federal Bureau of Prisons has decided that the “Purpose Driven Life” is much too subversive to allow Federal inmates to read.

God forbid that a federal prisoner learn through this book that he might just have some purpose in life rooted and grounded in the Person of Jesus Christ and leave prison a better person than when he went. Better to let him remain uninformed and unchanged during his incarceration.

I understand the purpose behind all this. The Department of Homeland Security is concerned that subversive Islamic materials are being circulated among prisoners and so in the usual form of government overkill the feds have taken this drastic measure rather than using a more common sense approach.

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